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Superior bookmaker 1xBET operates worldwide and can be characterized as a giant player in the industry of gambling. The company was founded in 2007 and for the last years has risen in popularity with the expansion of foreign markets. Headquarters is currently based in Limassol, Cyprus.

Company’s working under the gambling license from the Government of Curacao. Current Chief Executive Officer of the company is Lee Tanny.

It is an official partner of soccer Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) and National Soccer Team in Nigeria. It also the major contributor to the «Confédération africaine de football (CAF)» and «African Cup of Nations (AFCON)» tournaments.

2 years ago, they were rewarded as a «Rising Star in Sports Betting Innovation» by SBC Awards 2018. Therefore, it may be estimated as a reliable without any doubts.

It covers such regions as Europa, Asia, CIS and Africa — more than 50 countries and localized for more than 47 languages in total. A couple days ago, on 4 January 2020 1xBET was licensed in Nigeria officially, so it’s become legal.

Among all others benefits of 1xBET, highlights their accessibility on different types of devices. They have own-developed mobile app for Android and iOS, special app for PC desktop and for the browser either, a platform for mobile browsers and even opportunity to bet via Telegram messenger.

To download it and try by yourself, it would be helpful to use our link to do it in the easiest way. Otherwise, inserting our promo code will give you an extra bonus money for your first bankroll, so it is profitable for both sides.

 1xbet apps

This review consists of a brief review of the bettor, a several main advices about betting for recently come punters and prediction for the main weekend matches. Here we go!

Pluses and Minuses of 1xBET

  • Higher odds than competitors

  • An immense range of events are represented — more than 1000 items per a day

  • 100 EUR welcome bonus and extra amount with our code

  • Financial bets and eSports, cryptocurrencies and own crypto exchange platform

  • Simple-to-use interface and existence of Mobile App for iOS or Android, App for Windows Desktop and feature of betting via Telegram messenger

  • 24/7 tech support answering even faster than a professional runner’s sprint

  • Lack of statistics

  • Some limitations in LIVE-broadcasting functionality

  • Lack of cash-out

  • Mobile app is banned in App Store for some regions

1XBET sportsbook

Extremely wide sportsline is an undeniable advantage of the bookmaker — it covers not only important sports events, draws or promotions. 1XBETS provide an opportunity to bet on 47 and more category items. They are including:

  • sports disciplines from traditionally the most famous (e.g. football, basketball or tennis) to exotic one’s, which you’ve may not even heard before (e.g. Toto, Trotting, Floorball, Hurling, etc.)
  • Politics on international level, which include main events in governments of Australia, Denmark, European Union countries, New Zeeland, North Korea, Ukraine and others
  • Eurovision Song Contest
  • Weather
  • Lottery and TV-shows
  • eSports
  • Special one’s (e.g. who would be the winner of Oscar 2020, etc.)
  • Virtual Sports Games which are based on special algorithm

Beyond all items written above, there are also existing a casino games in extremely wide assortment, financial betting, online-poker and their own-developed platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies. By the way, 1xBET pays special attention for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Because of its rising popularity, the bettor has added crypto as an extra way of payments. What is more impressing — a number of cryptocurrencies listed:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Monero
  • ZCash
  • BitShares
  • Nem
  • Paxon Standard Token
  • USD Coin
  • TrueUSD
  • Tether
  • Chainlink
  • DigiByte
  • BitcoinGold
  • BitcoinCash
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Verge
  • QTUM
  • Ripple
  • Basic Attention Token
  • TRON
  • Dash
  • OmiseGO

 1xbet cryptocurrency

Casino sections is subdivided into 2 parts: LIVE and general. The first one represents a stream-broadcasting, where a croupier is taking bets on the real time. Otherwise, general casino is fully drawn graphically and based on a special random algorithm.

Main Tips and Tutorials

Once you’ve decided to try making a betslips, you have to be aware of several important issue firstly.

Because it is a variety of the games of chances, awareness of the major potholes might not only to safe your bankroll, but to have enjoyable gaming either. Thus, here’s the main of them.

Look on betting as a kind of fun, not an opportunity to gain financial independence

It is primary advice for all of the punters, who have never tried it before. Beyond the all advertisings, which is promising to make an easy money via placing a bets, this activity is no more than a game of chance and certainly is not a rescue to handle with financial problems quickly.

Thus, to place a betslips with the last money left in your pocket won’t be a good idea.

Transparency is equal to confidence

In order to prevent some «force-major» circumstances in future, you should fill in only true information about yourself and completely to follow the rules of bookmakers.

In case it would be done, there won’t be a problems with the money outputs and you would be able to prove your rightness. For instance, 1xBET is operating under the license of special governmental institution, which means that you are always able to argue in case of troubles in court.


One more thing extremely important to keep in mind. Money management means an effective and reasonable governance of your bankroll. Let explain it more detailly.

Successful betting requires estimating it as an investment process. To make a higher ROI (Returns of Investment), you should make up a plan of future betslips and how much money put on each. Going «All In» or trying to win back your money in any possible way ends happily only in movies, while in real life may over even worth than it was.

Reliance on statistics and predictions

Predictions on the outcomes of sports events are useful, but not always. There are a plenty of «cappers» offering their predictions via the Internet — sometimes for free, but more often for payments. In that circumstances, the number of scammers is rising at a full lick. Even reliable «capper» can give a wrong prediction, for example, in case he made an opposite betslip and want to increase the odds on it.

For that he gives a prediction on another team or opponent, so all subscribers are following it and the odds are changing. At final, «capper» might recognize that made the wrong prediction, while personally he made a profit.

It is not so easy to avoid scammers, but not to rely them completely is quite feasible. Moreover, make sure that prediction is accomplished with the arguments based on statistics, recent news or some inside information. That’s the best way to reveal real sports analysts from fake.

Strategies for betting

There are a lot of quite simple or seriously advanced strategies of placing bets, awareness of which would give you an additional advantage. They depend on kind of a game and are quite different. Moreover, they won’t guarantee you 100% chance of winning, but will increase your chances to win. Let’s look how it works on an example.

Will take betting on basketball, which is quite in favor between punters. Because the game is dynamic and resultative, LIVE-betting is coming to the first plan.

The strategy called «searching for corridors» is one of the main for basketball. The sense of this strategy is to find during the basketball match certain «Over/Under» positions in the line. Sometimes there happen such situations, when bookmaker has, for example, «Over 150» and «Under 156» at the same match.

Booking a betslip on each of them can brings you a profit. How many points would be in this match, one of your betslips will be winning for sure and if would be from 150 to 156 points — they both would be winnings. Quite pleasant, doesn’t it?

Choose certain sports games to focus on:

The last advice quite obvious, but instead important. Make a «blind bets» on activities you don’t aware of might over not well for your deposit. On the other side, being informed and staying in touch with latest news in particular sports game may give you an advantage, because usually awareness of some special information even more important than luck.

For example, a key player’s injury or no winning streak might the reason for defeat of a team, which was overestimated by bookmakers. Thus, you will catch the best odd and make profit. That’s for sure.


Why you should use 1xbet for football betting?

It’s up to your tastes, playing on Live or placing a betslip before match starts

What is the working mirror link for 1xbet?

Since 4 January, the company has officially legalized in Nigeria, so no more need to use mirror links

Postponed or Cancelled match. What happens to the Bet?

Your funds would be returned or your betslip would be rescheduled

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